About Savemoremoney.in :

Savemoremoney.in website is created to help everyone. With rising inflation and increasing cases of job loss, it is important that we get into the habit of saving more money than we currently do. This website helps achieve that by detailing ways to save money / earn passive income and enjoy financial freedom.

I will give you simple tips and tricks to save money in everyday life, secure your future by understanding insurance in a better way (than just a tool for tax savings), show you the power of credit cards (when used properly) and help you plan good vacations via detailed articles in Travel section.

About me :

Always keep learning and sharing is my mantra! Hence apart from Save More Money , my articles have been published on websites like Digital People, Medium and others.

I am based out of Pune and working in an MNC as a project manager.  While studies have given me an engineering and MBA degree, my interest in topics like personal finance, credit cards, insurance motivated me to start this website as a hobby. Idea was to share my thoughts and knowledge with the world.

My friends keep telling me that somehow, I constantly find new ways to get discounts/free vouchers/ gift coupons/saving money. I plan to share the secrets via my blogs for the benefit of everyone 🙂

Before entering the blogging world, I had done a stint as an entrepreneur when I co-founded my business (Home Meal). I had a tough but amazing learning experience while running it for almost a year. However, our funds ran out and we were unable to find any VCs and hence had to take the tough decision to close it down.

With an aim to retire early (by mid-40s), I like to keep exploring new ideas and ways of earning and saving money.

I will be happy to have your suggestions on topics/things you want to read on my website. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on hello@savemoremoney.in